Welcome. We are growing every day.       ©  MARSYS  2009 - 2011 UAS3V3 Trip amplifier for external sensors (pressure, temperature, level, revolutions, etc.) Digital display 4 switching outputs and 1 analog output Accuracy class 0.2% f.s. Display range -9.999...+9.999 freely scalable Applications OEM-applications, hydraulics and pneumatics, test beds, heavy industry UL Canada E248549-UAS3 UL E248549-UAS3 Declaration of Conformity UDS3 - UAS3 Datasheet UAS3V3 Manual UDS3-UAS3 Gost-R0642803-BNA-USE-UNS UAD3V3 Trip Amplifier for external sensors with 2 digital displays 4 switching outputs 2 analog output Accuracy class 0.1% f.s. Display range -9999...+9999 freely scalabe Applications OEM-applications in hydraulics and pneumatics, test beds, instrumentation, general process industry Datasheet UAD3-V3 Declaration of Conformity UAD3 Manuals UAD3V3